Oil-free air compressor is a kind of equipment specially designed for producing oil-free air, which is widely used in medicine, food processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields. Compared with traditional lubricating air compressors, oil-free air compressors can provide higher quality air and avoid the problem of oil pollution, so they are widely used in applications that require higher air purity.

The method of using oil-free air compressor mainly has the following aspects:

1. Installation: When installing oil-free air compressors, you need to choose a dry, ventilated and dust-free environment, and ensure that the equipment is placed smoothly. At the same time, it is necessary to connect the corresponding pipelines and power supplies to ensure the flow of air and power supply.

2. Start: Before starting the oil-free air compressor, check whether the indicators of the equipment are normal. Including checking whether the power supply is on, whether the oil level is sufficient, and whether the motor is running normally. If all is well, you can press the start button to start the device.

3. Operation: When running oil-free air compressor, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating status of the equipment. Monitor the pressure, temperature and current of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, components such as filters and coolers need to be checked regularly, and cleaned and replaced in time.


4. Stop: Before stopping, it is necessary to turn off the pressure switch and reduce the pressure of the equipment to zero. Then, you can turn off the power and disconnect the air source from the power supply. After shutdown, the equipment needs to be cleaned to remove dirt from the filters and coolers.

5. Maintenance: In order to maintain the normal operation of the oil-free air compressor, regular maintenance and maintenance are required. This includes replacing the filter element, coolant and lubricant, cleaning the internal and external dirt of the equipment, checking the tightness and fasteners of the equipment, etc. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the equipment and ensure the performance and efficiency of the equipment.

In short, the use of oil-free air compressors requires attention to the installation, start-up, operation, shutdown and maintenance of the equipment. The correct use and maintenance of oil-free air compressors can ensure the stable operation of the equipment, improve air quality, and meet the requirements for air purity in various application fields.