Oil-free air compressor is a very mature compressed air equipment, usually used in industrial applications, its core technology is a key component. In this article, we will introduce you to the core technology of oil-free air compressors, including design, manufacturing and working principles, hoping to help you understand this important equipment in depth.

1. Design technology

The design technology of oil-free air compressor is one of its core technologies. In the design of oil-free air compressor, the following factors need to be considered:

(1) Working principle and operating requirements: Air compressors need to consider the working principle and operating requirements of compressed gas to determine the appropriate working principle and operating mode.

(2) Material selection: In order to ensure the reliability and durability of oil-free air compressors, it is necessary to select high-quality and suitable materials for manufacturing.

(3) Manufacturing process: The use of advanced manufacturing process and assembly technology to ensure that the various parts of the oil-free air compressor can be closely combined together to improve the performance and reliability of the whole machine.

(4) Energy saving and consumption reduction: Consider the energy consumption and noise reduction of oil-free air compressors, and achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction through a variety of technical means.

2. Manufacturing technology


The manufacturing technology of oil-free air compressor is one of its core technologies. In the manufacture of oil-free air compressors, the following aspects need to be paid attention to:

(1) Parts manufacturing: The use of high-quality parts materials for manufacturing, to ensure the quality and accuracy of parts, to ensure the overall performance of oil-free air compressor.

(2) Assembly process: strict assembly process and assembly process is adopted to ensure that each part can be correctly combined together to improve the working efficiency of the whole machine.

(3) Surface treatment: In order to prevent the wear and corrosion inside the cylinder, the surface of the components are properly treated and protected.

(4) Testing and commissioning: After the manufacture of oil-free air compressors, accurate testing and commissioning are needed to ensure the overall quality and performance of the equipment.

3. How it works

The working principle of oil-free air compressor is the third of its core technologies. Oil-free air compressor is to achieve the purpose of gas production and pressurization by mechanical compression and cooling of air. The main components of the equipment include the head, cylinder, air valve, pressure gauge, cooler and lubrication system.

Head: The head is the main part of the oil-free air compressor, through different types of head structure, to meet different requirements.

Cylinder: Cylinder is the core component of oil-free air compressor, through the design and manufacture of cylinder, to achieve the purpose of compressed air.

Air valve: The air valve is a key component of the oil-free air compressor, which controls the compression and exhaust of the cylinder.

Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge displays the air pressure.

Cooler: The cooler is an important part of the oil-free air compressor, which is used to reduce the gas temperature and improve the compression efficiency.

Lubrication system: The lubrication system is used to provide the necessary lubrication and protection for the various components to ensure the service life of the entire machine.

In general, the oil-free air compressor is a very important equipment, and its core technology is the key needed for its long-term development and innovation. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the technology and performance of oil-free air compressors will continue to be improved, making it play a greater role in a wider range of industrial fields.

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