First, site selection

The location of the production site of oil-free air compressor should take into account factors such as sufficient power supply water and beautiful environment. It is better located in industrial parks or lots, which is convenient for the procurement of raw materials and the transportation of products.

2. Site planning

1. Overall layout: Functional areas such as production workshops, warehouses, office buildings, and power distribution rooms should be rationally distributed to ensure smooth production processes.

2. Production workshop: The size of the workshop should be determined according to the size and quantity of the production equipment, with spacious space and good ventilation, which is convenient for equipment layout and production operations.

3. Warehouse: used to store raw materials and finished products, should be equipped with shelves, forklifts and other equipment, convenient management and pick-up.

4. Office building: including offices, meeting rooms, staff rest areas, etc., to provide a comfortable working environment for employees.

5. Plant greening: the green belt and landscape area should be rationally planned to increase the quality of work and life of employees.

Third, production equipment

The production process of oil-free air compressor requires a variety of equipment, including CNC machine tools, assembly lines, test equipment, etc. Equipment selection should consider production efficiency, energy saving and other factors to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Iv. Measures


The production of oil-free air compressors involves waste water, waste gas and other problems, and corresponding measures should be taken, such as installing waste water treatment equipment, purifying the air, etc., to ensure that the production process is compliant.

5. Stable management

The production site should set up stability warning signs, fire equipment, etc., formulate stable production procedures, strengthen staff stability training, and ensure the stability of the production process.

6. Management system

Establish a sound production management system, including production planning, quality control, inventory management, etc., to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Through the above planning and design, the oil-free air compressor production site will become an efficient modern industrial site, providing strong support for the development of enterprises.