Expansion of Procurement Standards for Oil-Free Air Compressors

With the promotion of awareness and the concern of energy consumption, oil-free air compressors, as a kind of energy-saving equipment, are more and more favored by enterprises. In order to ensure the purchase of reliable quality and stable performance of oil-free air compressors, it is important to develop clear procurement standards. This article will be from the technical indicators, reputation, after-sales service and other aspects of oil-free air compressor procurement standards, in order to provide reference and guidance for procurement personnel.

1. Technical indicators

1.1 Compressor type: When choosing oil-free air compressor, first confirm its compressor type, including screw type, piston type, etc. Different types of compressors differ in terms of working principle, noise, efficiency, etc., and procurement personnel should choose the right type according to actual needs.

1.2 Compressor power: The power of oil-free air compressor directly affects its work efficiency and energy consumption, and the appropriate power specifications should be selected according to the needs of the purchase to avoid too much or too little power resulting in energy waste or failure to meet the demand.

1.3 Compressor displacement: the displacement of the compressor determines its ability to produce air, and the appropriate displacement should be determined according to the gas demand and working environment when purchasing, so as to avoid the failure to meet the production demand due to insufficient displacement.

1.4 Compressor pressure: The working pressure of the compressor is the pressure of its output air. When purchasing, it is necessary to confirm whether the rated working pressure of the compressor meets the requirements to avoid the normal operation of the equipment due to insufficient or too high pressure.

1.5 Compressor noise: As a common mechanical equipment, the noise of oil-free air compressor will affect the working environment and the health of employees. When purchasing, we should pay attention to the noise level of compressor and choose products with lower noise.

Ii. Reputation


2.1 Manufacturer qualification: The selection of oil-free air compressors produced by manufacturers with a certain scale and strength can ensure product quality and after-sales service. The purchasing staff should conduct a comprehensive assessment of the manufacturer's qualification, production capacity and product quality to avoid choosing inferior products.

2.2 Product certification: Oil-free air compressors are equipment involved in gas production, and their products must meet the relevant production standards and certification requirements. In the procurement process, priority should be given to products that have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification and other related certifications.

2.3 User reputation: Procurement personnel can obtain the user reputation information of oil-free air compressors by consulting user evaluations and consulting people in the industry, so as to understand the actual use effect and after-sales service quality of the products to make purchase decisions.

Third, after-sales service

3.1 Warranty period: Oil-free air compressor is a long-term use of equipment, its warranty period is directly related to the quality of after-sales service and the service life of the product. When purchasing, the warranty period and after-sales service content of the product should be clear to ensure that timely maintenance and technical support can be obtained during the warranty period.

3.2 After-sales service network: Choose the oil-free air compressor provided by the manufacturer with a perfect after-sales service network, which can better ensure the repair and maintenance needs of the equipment. Procurement personnel should understand the manufacturer's after-sales service network coverage, service response time and other information to ensure that the equipment failure can be handled in a timely manner.

3.3 Spare parts supply: the spare parts of oil-free air compressor are the guarantee of the normal operation of the equipment. When purchasing, it should be ensured that the manufacturer can provide the supply of common spare parts to avoid the shutdown of the equipment due to the shortage of spare parts.

In summary, as a key equipment, oil-free air compressor should pay attention to the comprehensive consideration of technical indicators, reputation and after-sales service. When purchasing oil-free air compressors, the procurement personnel should fully understand the technical parameters of the product, the reputation of the manufacturer and the after-sales service commitment to ensure the purchase of stable performance and reliable quality products, improve the use efficiency and reliability of the equipment, and promote the smooth progress of the production process.